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 +====== Install Ora8 on Ubuntu 16.04 to use with Apache2 and PHP7 ======
 +Don't mind the version numbers
 +<code bash>
 +apt-get install php-pear php-dev build-essential unzip libaio1
 +Download oracle instant client basic and SDK and unzip them
 +<code bash>
 +mkdir /opt/oracle
 +unzip /opt/oracle
 +unzip /​opt/​oracle/​instantclient_12_2
 +chown -R root:​www-data /opt/oracle
 +cd /opt/oracle
 +mv instantclient_12_2 instantclient
 +cd instantclient
 +echo /​opt/​oracle/​instantclient > /​etc/​​oracle-instantclient
 +echo /​opt/​oracle/​instantclient >> /​etc/​
 +ln -s
 +ln -s
 +pecl install oci8
 +echo >> /​etc/​php/​7.0/​apache2/​php.ini
 +echo >> /​etc/​php/​7.0/​cli/​php.ini
 +service apache2 restart
 +When prompted to enter instant client home, use **instantclient,/​opt/​oracle/​instantclient** ​
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