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 +====== Configure Citrix Receiver to Use HTTP Stores on Windows ======
 +For Receiver 3.1 and later, Only secure (HTTPS) stores are allowed by default. If you have only unsecure stores, here is how you can bypass this limitation.
 +Note: Citrix recommends using HTTPS in production environments.
 +Open registry editor and navigate to:
 +  * Set AllowAddStore value to A to allow users to add non-secure stores.
 +  * Set AllowSavePwd value to A to allow users to save their passwords for non-secure stores.
 +Navigate to:
 +  * Set ConnectionSecurityMode (REG_SZ type) value to A
 +Exit and restart Receiver.
 +Value explanations:​
 +  - N - Prevent operation
 +  - S - Allow secure
 +  - A - Allow both secure and non-secure
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