Windows Task Scheduler error codes

Minimum supported client: Windows Vista [desktop apps only] Minimum supported server: Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only] Header: WinError.h

In short, these are the error codes for Windows tasks:

  • 0x00041300 - SCHED_S_TASK_READY: The task is ready to run at its next scheduled time.
  • 0x00041301 - SCHED_S_TASK_RUNNING: The task is currently running.
  • 0x00041302 - SCHED_S_TASK_DISABLED: The task will not run at the scheduled times because it has been disabled.
  • 0x00041303 - SCHED_S_TASK_HAS_NOT_RUN: The task has not yet run.
  • 0x00041304 - SCHED_S_TASK_NO_MORE_RUNS: There are no more runs scheduled for this task.
  • 0x00041305 - SCHED_S_TASK_NOT_SCHEDULED: One or more of the properties that are needed to run this task on a schedule have not been set.
  • 0x00041306 - SCHED_S_TASK_TERMINATED: The last run of the task was terminated by the user.
  • 0x00041307 - SCHED_S_TASK_NO_VALID_TRIGGERS: Either the task has no triggers or the existing triggers are disabled or not set.
  • 0x00041308 - SCHED_S_EVENT_TRIGGER: Event triggers do not have set run times.
  • 0x80041309 - SCHED_E_TRIGGER_NOT_FOUND: A task's trigger is not found.
  • 0x8004130A - SCHED_E_TASK_NOT_READY: One or more of the properties required to run this task have not been set.
  • 0x8004130B - SCHED_E_TASK_NOT_RUNNING: There is no running instance of the task.
  • 0x8004130C - SCHED_E_SERVICE_NOT_INSTALLED: The Task Scheduler service is not installed on this computer.
  • 0x8004130D - SCHED_E_CANNOT_OPEN_TASK: The task object could not be opened.
  • 0x8004130E - SCHED_E_INVALID_TASK: The object is either an invalid task object or is not a task object.
  • 0x8004130F - SCHED_E_ACCOUNT_INFORMATION_NOT_SET: No account information could be found in the Task Scheduler security database for the task indicated.
  • 0x80041310 - SCHED_E_ACCOUNT_NAME_NOT_FOUND: Unable to establish existence of the account specified.
  • 0x80041311 - SCHED_E_ACCOUNT_DBASE_CORRUPT: Corruption was detected in the Task Scheduler security database; the database has been reset.
  • 0x80041312 - SCHED_E_NO_SECURITY_SERVICES: Task Scheduler security services are available only on Windows NT.
  • 0x80041313 - SCHED_E_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_VERSION: The task object version is either unsupported or invalid.
  • 0x80041314 - SCHED_E_UNSUPPORTED_ACCOUNT_OPTION: The task has been configured with an unsupported combination of account settings and run time options.
  • 0x80041315 - SCHED_E_SERVICE_NOT_RUNNING: The Task Scheduler Service is not running.
  • 0x80041316 - SCHED_E_UNEXPECTEDNODE: The task XML contains an unexpected node.
  • 0x80041317 - SCHED_E_NAMESPACE: The task XML contains an element or attribute from an unexpected namespace.
  • 0x80041318 - SCHED_E_INVALIDVALUE:The task XML contains a value which is incorrectly formatted or out of range.
  • 0x80041319 - SCHED_E_MISSINGNODE: The task XML is missing a required element or attribute.
  • 0x8004131A - SCHED_E_MALFORMEDXML: The task XML is malformed.
  • 0x0004131B - SCHED_S_SOME_TRIGGERS_FAILED: The task is registered, but not all specified triggers will start the task.
  • 0x0004131C - SCHED_S_BATCH_LOGON_PROBLEM: The task is registered, but may fail to start. Batch logon privilege needs to be enabled for the task principal.
  • 0x8004131D - SCHED_E_TOO_MANY_NODES: The task XML contains too many nodes of the same type.
  • 0x8004131E - SCHED_E_PAST_END_BOUNDARY: The task cannot be started after the trigger end boundary.
  • 0x8004131F - SCHED_E_ALREADY_RUNNING: An instance of this task is already running.
  • 0x80041320 - SCHED_E_USER_NOT_LOGGED_ON: The task will not run because the user is not logged on.
  • 0x80041321 - SCHED_E_INVALID_TASK_HASH: The task image is corrupt or has been tampered with.
  • 0x80041322 - SCHED_E_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE: The Task Scheduler service is not available.
  • 0x80041323 - SCHED_E_SERVICE_TOO_BUSY: The Task Scheduler service is too busy to handle your request. Please try again later.
  • 0x80041324 - SCHED_E_TASK_ATTEMPTED: The Task Scheduler service attempted to run the task, but the task did not run due to one of the constraints in the task definition.
  • 0x00041325 - SCHED_S_TASK_QUEUED: The Task Scheduler service has asked the task to run.
  • 0x80041326 - SCHED_E_TASK_DISABLED: The task is disabled.
  • 0x80041327 - SCHED_E_TASK_NOT_V1_COMPAT: The task has properties that are not compatible with earlier versions of Windows.
  • 0x80041328 - SCHED_E_START_ON_DEMAND: The task settings do not allow the task to start on demand.
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