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 +====== Uninstall GUI from Windows Server 2012 R2 ======
 +Some programs require the desktop environment to be present. Otherwise the installation procedure doesn’t work. I came across such a program and was forced to install it on a server with GUI installed. Later I realized that the program itself doesn’t require the GUI (at any time), so i decided to remove the GUI. Here’s how:I’ll show how to do it via PowerShell only. The only way to learn PowerShell it is to use it.
 +Cmdlet used to achive this is ‘Uninstall-WindowsFeature’ (or it’s alias ‘Remove-WindowsFeature’). In my case, I want to remove both GUI Shell and GUI Management Tools and Infrastructure. Run PowerShell in elevated mode and list the features in order to get the percise feature name:
 +<code bash>
 +PS C:​\Users\tpl-adm>​ Get-WindowsFeature -Name *gui*
 +Display Name                                            Name                       ​Install State
 +------------ ​                                           ----                       ​-------------
 +    [X] Graphical Management Tools and Infrastructure ​  ​Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra ​         Installed
 +    [X] Server Graphical Shell                          Server-Gui-Shell ​              ​Installed
 +PS C:​\Users\tpl-adm>​
 +Because I know that the uninstall requires a restart, ill use the ‘-restart’ parameter, and I’ll simply pipe the results of ‘Get-WindowsFeature’ to ‘Uninstall-WindowsFeature’
 +<code bash>​Get-WindowsFeature *gui* | Remove-WindowsFeature -Restart</​code>​
 +If you plan on installing it again at the later time, you’re done. Else you can use the ‘-Remove’ parameter .
 +<code bash>​Get-WindowsFeature *gui* | Remove-WindowsFeature -Restart -Remove</​code>​
 +This will delete the feature from the side-by-side store (“$env:​windir\WINSXS”).
 +| ^ Server Core ^ Minimal Server Interface ^ Server with a GUI ^ Server with a GUI with Desktop Expirience ^
 +^ Avaliable tools | Command Prompt, Windows powerShell, .NET Framework | MMC, Server Manager, several Control Panel applications | Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Task Bar, Control Panel | Windows Media Player, Themes, Windows 8 shell, Windows Store |
 +^ PowerShell Features | None | Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra | Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra,​ Server-Gui-Shell | Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra,​ Server-Gui-Shell,​ Desktop-Expirience |
 +^ Server Manager Features | None | Graphical Management Tools and Infrastructure | Graphical Management Tools and Infrastructure,​ Server Graphical Shell | Graphical Management Tools and Infrastructure,​ Server Graphical Shell, Desktop Expirience |
 +It is not recommended to install the desktop experience on a production server unless there is a real-life, honest compelling business reason for doing so.
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