Installing SharePoint 2013

So, you've successfully installed the SharePoint Prerequisites, Now you can proceed with SharePoint 2013 installation. Make sure that you can create users in the Active Directory, and I will assume that you already have one available MsSql instance for your SharePoint farm. There are actions to be done on your Domain Controller (DC), Database server (DB) and Sharepoint server (SP)

  • Server
    • Action
  • DC
    • Create an user called SP_Farm with a password that doesn't expire (less headache)
  • DB
    • Open Sql Server Configuration Manager
    • Select 'SQL Server Network Configuration' → 'Protocols For MSSQLSERVER' and set 'Shared Memory' and 'TCP/IP' to Enabled
    • Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your instance.
    • Add the farm user to Security → Logins. Give it 'Owner' role on 'master' table
  • SP
    • Create a Sql server alias. Run %systemroot%\system32\cliconfg.exe and %systemroot%\SysWOW64\cliconfg.exe
    • Select 'Alias' tab, and click 'Add…'. Enter server alias. Something easy - SHPT_DB in my case. Server name should be your SQL server and instance - SQLTEST\SHPT in my case. Make sure to select TCP/IP.
    • Run the installer, select 'Production environment' and click 'Install'
  • SP
    • Run the installer, select 'Production environment' and click 'Install'
    • When the wizard finishes, tick 'Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard now.', and click 'Close'
  • SP
    • In the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard, click 'Next'. The wizard will warn you that several services will have to be restarted. Click 'Yes'
    • Select 'Create a new server farm' and click 'Next'
    • Enter the alias you created earlyer. SHPT_DB in my case.
    • Enter username/password of the 'Farm' user.
    • Click 'Next'.
    • Specify Sharepoint Products Farm password and click 'Next'.
    • You will be presented with some random port for the Central Administration portal. I suggest you specify something you will remember easily. I have chosen 50000.
    • Select NTLM authentication provider (less headache)
    • Click 'Next'.
    • Double-check your settings, click 'Next' and wait for the installer to finish.
    • When the installer closes, you should be presented with the Central Administration page in Internet Explorer. Use your admin credentials to log in.

Now you will have two choices. Use the wizard to configure your farm, or do the entire configuration manually. I will describe the manual procedure at the next article.

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