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 +====== Windows 8 displays application windows blurry/​fuzzy ======
 +I first noticed that my eyes were getting tired faster since I installed Windows 8 due to blurriness of some windows. The issue was with DPI scaling. Windows assume that when you have a small display but a high resolution you automatically want to scale everything. I noticed that if you have a 27" screen with the 1080p resolution, this problem does not appear because DPI is not high enough. But I don't know what is the threshold for this.
 +For any program that gives you blurry font, use the following steps:
 +Right-click on the program'​s icon and open Properties
 +Go to Compatibility tab and tick the "​Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"​ checkbox.
 +Then close the program and restart.
 +If you don't want to do this for every single application that is blurry, simply right-click on the desktop and open '​Screen resolution'​. Now click on 'Make text and other items larger or smaller'​ and select '​Smaller 100%'
 +Also check out [[http://​​en-IN/​windows-8/​older-programs-compatible-version-windows|this]] link.
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