Script to modify ConEmu prompt

to “username@computername architecture path” and a $ if run as admin, and > if not run as admin

@echo off
rem username@pc
set P1=$E[32m$E]9;8;"USERNAME"$E\@$E]9;8;"COMPUTERNAME"$E\$S
rem path
    set P2=$E[95m$P$E[90m
) else (
    set P2=$E[92m$P$E[90m
rem Is admin or user?
if "%ConEmuIsAdmin%" == "ADMIN" (
  set P3=$E[90m$$
) else (
  set P3=$E[90m$G
rem Finally reset color and add space
set P4=$E[m$S
prompt %P1%%P2%%P3%%P4%
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