Switch Windows Server 2012 between core and GUI

  1. Mount the Windows Server 2012 ISO to the host.
  2. open an administrative command prompt
  3. mkdir c:\mount
  4. check your wimfile to determine the correct index for the OS (mine was 4) -the command is dism /get-imageinfo /ImageFile:d:\sources\install.wim
  5. dism /mount-wim /wimfile:d:\sources\install.wim /index:4 /mountdir:c:\mount /readonly
  6. powershell (enter PowerShell prompt)
  7. install-windowsfeature server-gui-mgmt-infra,server-gui-shell –restart –source c:\mount\windows\winsxs
  8. Unmount Wim (dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:c:\mount)
  9. Remove Mount Directory (rmdir c:\mount)

Alternative is to install directly from WIM

  1. Install-WindowsFeature server-gui-mgmt-infra,server-gui-shell -restart -Source wim:d:\sources\install.wim:4

This will not remove the install files, so you can later use the single line add-windowsfeature commend (without all the steps above). To completely remove the binary files, add –Remove at the end

  1. Uninstall-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Shell, Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra
  2. Shutdown –r -t 0 (Reboot)

You can do this if you allready have GUI feature files on your system

  1. Install-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Shell, Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra -restart
  2. Shutdown –r -t 0 (Reboot)
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