Remove a dead Exchange server from Active Directory

  • Connect to the domain controler
  • Launch the run dialog (Windows Key + R)
  • Type in the command “adsiedit.msc” et then press “OK”
  • Right click on the console then “Connect to:”
  • In the connexion dialog select “Well known Naming Context”
  • In the drop down menu select “Configuration”
  • Explode “CN=Configuration [domain]\CN=Services\CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN=[organization]\CN=Administrative Groups\CN=Servers”
  • Right click on the dead server and pick “Delete”
  • We also need to delete Database information as well, navigate to “CN=Configuration [domain]\CN=Services\CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN=[organization]\CN=Administrative Groups\CN=Databases”
  • Explode each items to find wich one is related to the old server, then delete it as well.
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