Mount smb shares with spaces in name

So, your evil Windows sysadmin created a share on the fileserver, and it contains a space in it's name and now you cannot mount it from fstab? Perhaps you tried the standard backslash-whitespace (like in bash), and it doesn't work. No problem! Use \040 instead.

//server.ip.address/share\040name\040with\040spaces /local_folder/share\040name\040with\040spaces cifs uid=localuser,username=windowsuser,password=windowspassword,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm,noatime,nofail,auto 0 0

nofail,auto options will allow your system to boot up if the server is not present. And it is best not to keep your passwords in the fstab file - info on how to properly store it is on this wiki.

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